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Fairbanks on a balmy -20F morning in December (note the strong evidence of a major temperature inversion!)


The International Right-of-Way Association is a nonprofit organization serving professionals who acquire, manage and transfer the land rights needed for building and maintaining energy and transportation infrastructure.

In light of the proficiency required for this complex profession, the IR/WA offers over 50 courses in such topics as real estate law, environmental awareness, property management, easement valuation, negotiations, and relocation assistance.

Recognized for their high ethical standards, IR/WA’s nearly 10,000 members pursue ongoing training and professional development through courses, chapter meetings, seminars and annual conferences.

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2017 IR/WA International Education Conference

Anchorage, Alaska

The International Directors of the IR/WA have voted and have awarded the honor of hosting the 2017 International Education Conference to Anchorage, Alaska!

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The following was published as a “Community Perspective” in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner on Saturday November 28, 2015 (Page A8).

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